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We work with one of the best screenprinters in the area who excels at retail style decoration.  There are many decoration variations available.  Check out this post from our blog, titled "Four ways to keep your custom Tee Shirt out of second hand stores"

I’m always amazed at the amount of near new promotional tee shirts that are in Goodwill or other second hand stores. Someone paid money to design and print the shirt, it was probably worn once at the event and the donated. Did that shirt get the marketing dollar get it’s full worth? Probably not.

So, let’s talk tee shirts. More specifically how to create someone’s next favorite shirt. There are some import factors that come into play here.

The obvious answer is the design. Can you take elements of your existing logo and play with the sizing and location to have a unique look while still maintaining branding? We can work with you to create unique options utilizing new decoration techniques.
Location location location! Just like in real estate, location does matter and can make your dollar go farther. Instead of imprinting in a standard location try a tattoo location like the shoulder blade or lower back. Look at retail trends for influence while maintain branding.
Texture plays a huge role. Does the imprint have texture that makes it standout? A thick ink with an embroidery look, cracking ink to simulate asphalt, or go for a distressed look by printing on the inside of a white shirt so it shows thorough as aged. Excellent for company anniversaries! Make it look like a shirt from the 70’s.
Last, we can’t forget the apparel itself. Is it soft? How does it fit? Does the color pop? There are so many options in the arena that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but don’t skip this step.

If we combine these four factors it’s a great start towards being the end user’s new favorite shirt, and getting your marketing dollars full effect.



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